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Details for: GREEN, Robert

Name: GREEN, Robert
County: London
Town: London
Address(es): Ratcliffe Cross. Rose & Crown, Budge Row
Book Trades: Bookseller, Map/chart seller, Stationer
Non-Book Trade: Pharmacy/medicine (pharmacist/druggist/chemist/patent medicine seller)
Trading Dates: 1674 - 1685
Biographical Dates: 1674 (before) - 1685
Notes: WING D106B. Sold Daffy's elixir. Maps on playing cards
  • Plomer, Henry R. et al, A Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers who were at work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1668 to 1725 (London, 1922)
  • Charles, Parry (Aberystwyth), Late seventeenth-century proposals/prospectuses and advertisements for patent medicines
  • Kingsley, D., Printed Maps of Sussex 1575-1900

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