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Details for: LANGLEY, Thomas

Name: LANGLEY, Thomas
County: London
Town: London
Address(es): In Ivy La (1615). O/a the Saracen's Hd w/o Newgate (1615-23). On Snow Hill (1622)
Book Trades: Bookseller
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1614 (date of freedom) - 1646
Biographical Dates: 1614 (before) - 1646 (date of death)
Notes: At address of former master, Thomas Pavier in 1615. Assoc J White
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  • Pollard, A.W. and Redgrave, G.R., A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640, 2nd ed. revised and enlarged, 3 vols. (London 1986, 1976, 1991), esp. vol. 3

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