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Details for: MATHEWES, Augustine

Name: MATHEWES, Augustine
County: London
Town: London
Address(es): In St Brides La in Fleet St at the Parsonage House. Cow La near Holborn Circus
Book Trades: Printer, Printer (journeyman)
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1608 (date of apprenticeship) - 1653
Biographical Dates: 1608 (date of apprenticeship) - 1653
Notes: Bound to printer WILLIAM HALL march 1608. Part J White (1619); John Norton jr (1624-6). Restricted to one press (1623). Deprived of press (1637). Succeeded by Marmaduke Parsons. Welsh apprentices JOHN EDWARDS, bound for 7 years from 29.9.1624, and THOMAS WATKINS, bound 6 may 1629 for 8 years (both from Newtown, Montgomeryshire).
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