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Details for: BEDDOME, Sophia Mrs

Name: BEDDOME, Sophia Mrs
County: Warwickshire
Town: Leamington
Address(es): 24 Upper Parade. Beddome's Religious Circulating Library, 24 Upper Union, The Parade (1834-9>)
Book Trades: Librarian/owner of circulating library, Bookseller, Stationer
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1834 - 1842
Biographical Dates: 1834 - 1842
Notes: Sold the `Fairfax Guide'. Succeeded by F B Beddome
  • Paul Morgan's corrections and addenda to PM2, including five Warwickshire directories:
      Pigot 1828 [RADMORE 67]
      Pigot 1835 [RADMORE 83]
      Pigot 1841 [RADMORE 106]
      Slater 1847 [RADMORE 118]
      F. White 1850 [not in RADMORE]
  • Birmingham Bibliographical Society, Working Papers for an Historical Directory of the West Midlands Book Trade to 1850. No.6: 1820-1829 (Birmingham, 1983)

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