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Details for: PARKER, William Henry II

Name: PARKER, William Henry II
County: Herefordshire
Town: Hereford
Address(es): Church St (1811). Broad St (1816). 4 High Town (1820)
Book Trades: Printer, Bookseller, Bookbinder, Publisher, Stationer, Librarian/owner of circulating library, Paper-hanger, Music seller
Non-Book Trade: Pharmacy/medicine (pharmacist/druggist/chemist/patent medicine seller)
Trading Dates: 1811 - 1827
Biographical Dates: 1811 (before) - 1843 (date of death)
Notes: ins. Part T Watkins (Probably Thomas Bevan Watkins) trading as Watkins & Parker succo C Badham (1811); 1816 part bro John Parker trading as W H & J Parker successor to father William Henry Parker I. Freeman Hereford Nov 1823
  • British Chronicle continued as Hereford Journal (sometimes with issue number)

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