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Details for: STANSBY, William

Name: STANSBY, William
County: London
Town: London
Address(es): At Paul's Wharf at the Cross Keys (1597). In Thames St by Paul's Wharf next to St Peter's Ch (1620). St Dunstan's Churchyard, Fleet Street.
Book Trades: Printer, Bookseller, Printer (music)
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1590 (date of apprenticeship) - 1636
Biographical Dates: 1590 (before) - 1638 (date of death)
Notes: Apprentice, journeyman & successor to John Windet; successor to Windet 1610. Made free of the Stationers' Company in 1597. Succeeded by Richard Bishop 1636. 1628 acquired some of Snodham's music copyrights. Disciplined by Stationers' Company for unruly behaviour and low standard of printing; in 1627 his share of the English stock was sequestered and he was banned from entering Stationers' Hall. After his death, widow assigned business to Richard Bishop. Ben Johnson's printer and publisher 1611-16.
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