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Details for: VERNOR, Thomas

Name: VERNOR, Thomas
County: London
Town: London
Address(es): 31 Newgate St. Ludgate Hill. 86 Bishopsgate St. St Michael's All. Cornhill. Fore St. 10 Birchin La&c
Book Trades: Bookseller, Publisher, Librarian/owner of circulating library
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1766 - 1793 (date of death)
Biographical Dates: 1766 (before) - 1793 (date of death)
Notes: Aka Vernon. Trading as Vernor & Chater 1767; Thomas Vernor & Co (1796-86). Succeeded by Vernor & Hood 1794-1806; Vernor, Hood & Sharpe 1806-12. SFIP 386435, 416316, 420304, 423103 & 516664 (1777-86) [IM.EWP8]
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