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Details for: HYDE, Joseph

Name: HYDE, Joseph
County: London
Town: London
Book Trades: Bookbinder, Publisher
Non-Book Trade: Not known
Trading Dates: 1806 (date of birth) - 1884 (date of death)
Biographical Dates: 1806 (date of birth) - 1884 (date of death)
Notes: Bookbinding trades. Publisher of periodical The Town nd part-book (see Léger-St-Jean).
  • Esther Potter. Information on bookbinders working in London from 1780-1840, taken from the Jaffray MSS in the British Library. Information supplied by Michael Turner
  • Extra source information - EP/1481
  • Léger-St-Jean, Marie. Price One Penny: A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860. [19 March 2017]. Faculty of English, Cambridge [05 July 2017] (
  • Extra source information -

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