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Feather Number: 208
Author: Wallis, Peter J.
Title: An eighteenth-century book trade index based on 'Newtoniana' and book subscription lists.
Publishing Details: Newcastle-upon-Tyne: PHIBB, 140, 1977.
Location: General
Notes: Note: This is one of several relevany publications issued by PHIBB; local studies are listed at the appropriate points in section2. For this project, which has important implicatons for provincial book trade studies, see P. J. Wallis, Book subscriptions. Progress and plans. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: PHIBB, 196, 1979. For further details contact P. J. Wallis, PHIBB, School of Education, University of Newcastle-upton-Tyne, St. Thomas's Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 7RU.